The days may be sunny and warm, but the holidays are upon us.  It’s a Southern style Christmas, a bit short on snow but nonetheless replete with good cheer and celebration.  In the spirit of the season, City Club of Wilmington decided to transform the De Rosset house into a holiday wonderland.


The Club turned to Decorating Intervention, a local interior decorating firm owned by Heda Waldrep and Susan Nettleman.  Heda and Susan have a remarkable gift—the ability to find and showcase the existing beauty of a home.  They have done so to great effect this Christmas, drawing on the club’s historical grace and décor.  “We wanted to enhance the club’s existing look,” said Heda Waldrep in a recent exclusive interview.  “We wanted the decorations to recall a Victorian look with a blend of some contemporary elements.”  Susan explained the ideas behind the Club’s holiday decorations in a bit more depth:

“We always try to work with what’s already there.  Just rearranging the existing items in a room and adding a few Christmas touches can do a lot.  For the Club, we wanted to draw on the elegance of the setting and have that reflected in the holiday décor.  To do that we drew on the existing style, and in particular the wonderful colors of the walls and furniture.  This gives the decorations a sense of harmony with the timeless style of the building.”


In addition to the unique look of the De Rosset House, Susan and Heda drew upon the natural beauty of the grounds.  Much of the greenery used in the holiday decorations was harvested from the garden surrounding the building, tying the exterior and interior together.  This lends another layer to the holiday look, a unique beauty which could only be found at the De Rosset house.

Club members and their guest will have many opportunities to enjoy the festive appearance this season.  In addition to regular lunch and dinner service, the Club will be hosting its annual Candlelight Dinner on the 21st, allowing diners to enjoy a very Victorian mood for the holidays.  From the 28th to the 29th , diners may enjoy an excellent prix fixe menu, featuring prime rib.  And we’ll all be together to send 2012 off in style at the New Year’s Eve “Party Before You Party” from 6 to 8 PM on the 31st.   Reservations are required and slots are filling up fast, so please call 343-1880, ext. 206, to make your arrangements.

Susan and Heda can be reached at decoratingintervention@yahoo.com .