Whether it happened while you were enjoying a meal in the dining room, a drink at the bar, or a leisurely afternoon on the porch, we’ve all had the same thought: what would it have been like to live in the de Rosset house during its heyday? There’s something welcoming about this building, exuding the ease and comfort of an earlier time and an open, family atmosphere.   Coupled with the relaxed luxuries offered by City Club, the idea of a life at the de Rosset house is tempting indeed.

Full time residence will have to remain a dream, but a taste of that dream life has become a reality.  City Club of Wilmington proudly welcomes its new sister business, the Inn at City Club.  A residential portion of the house, remodeled as apartments during the First World War, has evolved again and become a luxurious boutique hotel.  Featuring five guest suites, The Inn offers a number of amenities:  gas fireplaces, antique furnishings, modern luxury bathrooms, and access to the Club’s dining facilities.  Open to both club members and those not yet initiated, The Inn is a celebration of refined living, set within walking distance of downtown Wilmington’s many exciting entertainment options.

The Inn is the brainchild of Jonathan Weiss, the owner of City Club and a man with a deep understanding of hospitality and good living.  “We set out to create luxurious accommodations that made you feel like you were staying at The Grand Hotel in 1912, and I feel that we have achieved that goal.” Weiss said in a recent exclusive interview, “Our overnight guests enjoy the service of a 24 hour on call Concierge as well as temporary Membership to The City Club for the duration of their stay.”   Through careful attention to detail, The Inn at City Club has become the perfect destination for the discerning traveler, or the ideal lodging for an out of town guest.

The Inn is open for business, and currently accepting reservations—just in time for the holidays.  Interested parties should contact City Club of Wilmington’s Member Services Office for reservations at 910.343.1880 ext 206.

Come join us at the bar when you arrive.  We always look forward to meeting new friends and introducing them to Greg’s classic cocktails.